It is with a heavy heart, that I share with you sad news.  Early in the evening of Friday April 20th, 45 minutes before the Spring Equinox, our beloved poodle, Lucas, died peacefully in his sleep.  He celebrated his 16th birthday in December.

Lucas came into our lives when he was 6 months old, shortly after my father Bob retired.  He and Lucas spent many hours sitting on the back deck feeding the Koi, enjoying a snack of fish food and going across the street to Buchanan Park to feed the squirrels.  As a young spry pup, he took Nanny Lou for a daily two mile walk through F&M’s campus, jaunts around and through Buchanan Park.  Even then he loved to come to the Puppet Theatre.  I would say, "Luke, want to go to the theatre?"  His excited bark, running to the door, dancing in circles, was his answer.   Lucas could always express his feelings and needs.  Once, I over-heard my mom and dad talking in the living room.   Dad said, “Mom, that dog is so smart!  I think someday he’s just going to turn to us and start talking.”  Mom agreed.

When my father died in 2005, Lucas was a great source of comfort for Nanny Lou and me.  When Mom and I renovated and created our "digs" above the theatre, Lucas easily migrated to downtown where he became a regular sight prancing around the city.  He was also a stylish dresser in the colder months.

Serving as Assistant House Manager for the Hole in the Wall, he would be seen sitting with Nanny Lou in the Box Office, greeting everyone who came to see a show.  He also appeared for several seasons in "Here Comes Peter Cottontail".  Later in life, his hearing gone and his eyesight weakened, he always knew when it was showtime.  If anyone was in the theatre he wanted to go downstairs to greet them...

Lucas loved seeing the boys and girls who came to the Hole in the Wall’s marionette shows.  Because of his petite size, children always called him a puppy, to which Nanny Lou would say, "He's really a senior citizen."  Then she’d show them the gray hairs under his chin.  Lucas allowed her to do this but, secretly, he didn't like being referred to as a senior citizen.

Lucas began to grow weaker and his pace slowed, his walks shortened to around the block.  No longer able to walk down the stairs, he willingly took advantage of being carried down.  Eventually, he slept more then he was awake, he retired from performing two years ago and finally gave up his duties as Assistant House Manager.  Mother and I wished that when the time came, he would quietly and peacefully pass in his sleep.  Our wish was granted but, the loss is still great and we look for him every day. The house is very quiet with out our dear little boy.  Mom said to me shortly after Lucas' passing, "I think Dad whistled for him in Heaven.  Lucas heard that familiar tune and ran to be with him."  I agree with that sentiment… 

Farewell good and faithful friend!

Click here if you would like to contribute to our  "Scholarship Fund" in Lucas' name.  Our "Scholarship Fund" which allows inner city students to come to the Hole in the Wall with free, or greatly reduced tickets. 

"A Jewel In Lancaster's Crown"

The Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre is celebrating the opening its 25th season.  While puppet theatres are located in many European cities, the Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre is one of the few resident puppet companies in the US.  It is sometimes referred to as “Lancaster’s Best Kept Secret”.  The goal in this anniversary year is to change that to read, “A Jewel in Lancaster’s Crown”.

The mission of the Hole in the Wall is to provide wholesome entertainment and cultural enrichment for children and their families; to use puppetry as a vehicle to educate; and to keep fees affordable. 

Our shows are appropriate for children who can sit quietly for 35 minutes.  Attendance by children under the age of two years is not recommended.  Everyone, regardless of age, is required to purchase a ticket.  If a child becomes noisy, the adult is asked to take the child out of the theatre.  This allows the audience to enjoy the show without interruption.




The Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre is one of the few marionette theatres in America, located in Historic Downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Robert Brock, the founder and artistic director of Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre, keeps this unique art form alive and well.  He creates all the marionettes used in HIW productions, writes the scripts and music and performs  in his unique one-man style.   His humor appeals to children, as well as grown-ups.

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John Durang Puppet Museum

The John Durang Puppet Museum is open before performances. John Durang was the first puppeteer to be born in the USA.  He was born in Lancaster in 1768.  Backstage tours are given prior to every performance.

The Hole in the Wall welcomes field trip groups.  We hope to see you soon at one of our exciting shows. Thanks for visiting!

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